With TABOND you achieve compatibility between glass or natural fibers in reinforced compounds (GF-PP compounds) and better bonding between incompatible polymers or between the layers made from different polymers (HDPE-TABOND-EVOH-TABOND-HDPE). Read more about automotive 
Application examples
  • Car frontends (PP with Glassfibers)
  • For high filled compounds (mineral filler and/or flameretardant)
  • Fuel tank and multi layer tubing


TABOND is used as an adhesive layer to bond diverse materials together or to create stable coatings. It also improves the homogeneity/dispersion of the filler or flameretardant in the polymer matrix and mechanical properties of the final products. Read more about building
Application examples
  • Middle layer of pipes, sewage piping for tall buildings
  • Multilayer pipes with oxygen barriers, Aluminum composite pipes
  • Cables with flameretardants such as ATH, Mg(OH)2
  • Aluminum composite panels
  • Extruded profiles for power plant cooling towers


TABOND improves filler/matrix adhesion or is used between different materials. It is also used as compatibilizer for compounds such as PA/PP or an impact modifier to achieve better/special mechanical properties (at low temperatures in PA6). It works as a coupling agent for flameretarded plastic cores. TABOND with suitable rheology is used for the extrusion coating process. Read more about the processing industry 
Application examples
  • In profiles and outdoor decking (wood compounds WPC)
  • In packaging applications (in multilayer film applications such as barrier structures) 
  • In the recycling industry (as a compatibilizer for incompatible polymers such as PA/PE)
  • In multilayer films, bottle or extrusion coating applications


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