For the automotive industry we supply compounds reinforced with talc,glass fibers or CaCO3 and stabilized according to the application in question.
An extensive part of our portfolio of products meets the requirements of the automotive industry and is used by many manufacturers of famous marques. The visible or non-visible parts made from our products can be found both in the car interior and exterior. Read more about automotive
Application examples:
  • Windshield water channels 
  • Boot cladding 
  • Device holder ....


For the building industry we manufacture an array of combinations of ready-to-use mineral filled PP/PE compounds for a wide range of applications from sewage water and pressure pipes to breathable films. We mainly produce extrusion compounds, to which we are able to impart special features, such as noise insulation, good breathability, combination of high flexural modulus and impact strength, and heat deflection. By combining the required stabilizers and additives we are able to assure improved resistance to high temperatures, UV radiation and fire (Halogenated, halogen-free flame retardants). Due to their resistance to the weather and ozone, and their color consistency, our products are also suitable for outdoor use. Read more about building

Application examples:
  • Middle layer of pipes,sewage piping for tall buildings
  • Extruded profiles for power plant cooling towers
  • Fuse box covers,socket components
  • Breathable films for under-roof layers


The very good processing properties and quality of our highly filled materials allow us to be a supplier to the hygienic film industry. Our LLDPE compounds are suitable for extrusion of breathable films dedicated for the production of disposable hygienic products. Read more about personal care

Application examples:
  • Breathable films for diapers
  • Breathable films for protective clothes


We always try to be helpful and innovative in solving individual tasks given by our customers from other fields of industry. In the processing industry there are plenty of anonymous technical applications of our TABOREN materials being part of bigger mechanisms, but still having significance. We supply peerless material combination for a wide variety of applications. Read more about the processing industry
Application examples: 
  • Household appliances (white goods housing)
  • Garden furniture, office chair parts ....


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