General characteristics

The TABOREN product line introduces a wide portfolio of filled and fiber reinforced polypropylene and polyethylene compounds.

Chemical characteristics and features

TABOREN compounds are based on homopolymer or copolymer matrices with a possibility of EPDM elastomer modification. The most used types of filler are talc, CaCO3, glass fibers and basalt, but we can also use BaSO4, mica, wollastonite, and various combinations of the above.

Various types of stabilization enable our customers to use TABORENs in a wide range of applications (indoor, outdoor, heat exposed, anti-static, anti-detergent, flame retardant, etc.). Compounds are available for extrusion, cast extrusion, injection and blow molding.


TABOREN provides a cost-effective good quality solution in a wide range of application areas with:

  • Very good processing and colorability
  • Good balance of stiffness/impact strength
  • Excellent recyclability


Product Manager
Mgr. Pavel Maršík
Tel.: +420 381 622 146
E-mail: marsik@silon.eu


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