The history of TABOREX products in SILON goes back more than 20 years. Since that time a wide range of crosslinkable compounds (PEX/XLPE) has been offered to the market. TABOREX became the material of choice in many applications, where a good balance between outstanding properties and reasonable cost is required. SILON stands not only for excellent production technology and outstanding product quality. Our commitment to the industry is to address the demanding requirements of the market with the continuously improved properties of TABOREX products.

Cross-linkable polyethylene compounds



TABOREX represents a premium quality product line based on silane grafted polyethylene technology designed for versatile applications. The technical performance of TABOREX is characterized by

  • High maximum service temperatures
  • Chemical resistance even at elevated temperatures
  • Outstanding slow and rapid crack resistance
  • Memory effect
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The high service temperatures and chemical resistance of cross-linkable polyethylene allows the use of TABOREX in applications beyond the limits of HDPE products. A wide range of solutions have been developed for

  • Building, construction and infrastructure
  • Automotive and transportation
  • Processing industry
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Technical specifications of the standard product range.

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Technical support

Technical support

Our customer support goes far beyond offering the optimal product combination for individual customer requirements. With the help of our in-house R&D facilities tailor made solutions are developed to meet the needs of industry.                     

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