General characteristics

TABOREX represents a premium quality product line based on silane grafted polyethylene (PEX-b) technology especially designed for versatile applications. Purpose-fitted TABOREX systems are available for the production  of pipes, tubes, wire and cable, films and others.

Chemical characteristics and technology

SILON serves the market with products for the two major PEX-b production processes, Sioplas and Monosil. Both technologies create a three-dimensional cross-linking network in the polyethylene matrix of final products. In the Sioplas system a TABOREX silane-grafted compound is blended with a TABOREX catalyst Masterbatch prior to extrusion or injection molding of the final product.

The Monosil technology involves grafting and manufacturing of the final product in one step. For this technology a silane blend (Silmix) of grafting initiator and specialized additives is pre-mixed with standard polyethylene and extruded.

In both cases the fabricated products must be cross-linked in a second production step. The building of cross-linking  network is induced by moisture and can be accelerated by heat.

A range of TABORADD additive masterbatches complete the TABOREX product line offering improved extrusion and long-term behavior.


TABOREX provides a cost-effective solution in a wide range of application areas. It fills the gap between standard polymers and high-priced technical polymers. The technical performance of TABOREX is characterized by:

  • High maximum service temperatures
  • Chemical resistance even at elevated temperature conditions
  • Outstanding slow and rapid crack resistance especially at low temperatures
  • Memory effect


Product Manager
Dieter Scholz
Tel.: +49 (0) 211 300 477-25
E-mail: d.scholz@silon.eu
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