TESIL polyester staple fibers have been the market reference for over 50 years. Since 2002 TESIL fibers have been made exclusively from postconsumer PET bottle flakes, offering to several market areas a sustainable and cost effective solution to nonwoven applications requiring high technical standards, functional characteristics and consistent quality. TESIL fibers are the result of our industrial commitment to provide powerful fiber solutions to an ever more demanding market environment.

Polyester staple fibers for nonwoven applications



TESIL fibers are made from selected post-consumer PET bottle flakes and are designed to meet the requirements of several end markets. In the area of r-PET fibers TESIL stands for a premium quality product characterized by

  • Optimized properties such as tenacity-elongation balance
  • Color-matching to narrow customer specifications
  • An outstanding fit for the use of different nonwoven technologies
  • Tailored finishes
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TESIL fibers are made on proprietary designed production lines, enabling the fulfillment of the requirements of multiple applications and technologies. SILON has fibers at hand to serve the following markets:          

  • Automotive and transportation
  • Building industry
  • Personal care
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Technical specifications of the standard product range.

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Technical support

Technical support

We provide support to our customers during the processing and application of our materials in our endeavor to simplify the manufacture of your products as much as possible                                            

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Commercial Director Fibers
Philippe J. De Munter
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