General characteristics

SILON considers itself one of the leading producers of polyester staple fibers and cables in Europe. Already in 1996 we were the first in Europe to introduce the continuous production of polyester fibers from postconsumer PET bottles (PET flakes). We are nowadays among the largest processors of PET flakes in Europe.

Chemical characteristics and features

TESIL is a high quality polyester fiber product made from recycled PET flakes. These are prepared from crushed post consumer PET bottles. Fibers can be adapted or changed to following features:

  • Decitex range from 1.7 dtex to 17 dtex
  • Crimp, cohesion and resilience fine-tuning
  • Round or shaped fiber surface
  • Applications of various finishes, appropriate to the intended end-use and bonding technology
  • Modification and application of secondary additional properties


  • TESIL fiber is respected for its reliable and constant quality, dedicated  for nonwoven textile production
  • Is suitable for all dry-laid nonwoven production technologies
  • Fine denier recycled fibers are also suitable for ring and open end spinning
  • Fibers are suitable for the manufacture of nonwovens in combination with other staple fibers, both natural and man-made
  • Fiber production enables mass-dyed coloring to customer specifications
  • Multi-titer and multi-colored fibers can be pre-blended into controlled fixed ratios as a ready-to-use fiber mixture
  • End-of-life products made from TESIL fibers are suitable for closed loop recycling                                   


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