SILON´s experienced technicians provide you with their expertise and assistance

We provide technical support and advice to our customers on the basis of specific requirements for a particular type of application and depending on the nonwoven manufacturing process.

  • Consultancy on the fitness for use of input material for your process
  • Optimization of processing and production
  • Development of new colors
  • Fiber testing

We are able to provide test samples for specific production and optimization of our product wherever appropriate. Our laboratory’s equipment enables flexible analysis and assessment of samples provided including fiber textile tests, 24 hours a day. Our laboratory equipment includes all test methods for the testing required by the automotive and hygiene industries.

Link to laboratory fibers

For development we use our special laboratory and work together with external research institutes, such as TZÚ Brno (Textile Testing Institute in Brno), TU Liberec (Technical University in Liberec), PIB Brno (Polymer Institute in Brno, ITC Zlín (Institute for Testing and Certification in Zlín).


Technical Customer Support
Ing. Klára Budilová
Tel.: +420 381 621 300
E-mail: budilova@silon.eu
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