Czech Industrial Park (“CIP”) is one of the largest industrial zones in the district of Tabor, South Bohemia. Over an area of around 450.000 squaremeters the industrial park currently provides an ideal base for 20 companies employing approx. 1.000 people. The CIP offers ideal start-up conditions.

CIP offers you infrastructure that works from day one. Valid processes, well attuned logistics and a team of helping hands will make life easy

Czech Industrial Park (CIP)

The Czech Industrial Park (“CIP”) is one of the largest industrial zones in the district of Tabor, South Bohemia.

The CIP offers ideal start-up conditions and plenty of scope for development. Fully serviced commercial and industrial sites, effective infrastructure and a comprehensive range of services and support provides a perfect base for sustainable growth and profitability.

CIP operates as landlord, developer and investor. It can meet all your needs starting from the planning process, developing and construction of your commercial resp. industrial buildings in existing buildings or new build according to your individual requirements.

In particular small and medium-sized enterprises will find ideal conditions at CIP for accessing the markets of the Czech Republic as well as those of Central and Eastern Europe.


CIP services pay off

The basic concept of the Czech Industrial Park (“CIP”) is thought to be unique in the Czech Republic. In contrast to industrial parks where one site operator offers all services, at CIP specialized contractors undertake the operation of the infrastructure in line with needs and requirements.

Regular tendering procedures guarantee transparency and competitiveness. The beneficial outcome is that professional services are provided at market prices which are passed on to the resident companies. CIP´s customers profit directly from these savings.

That is service that really pays off.

For example:

  • Utility supplies
  • Waste management and treatment
  • Security and fire services
  • IT and Communications
  • Canteen
  • Logistics / Transport
  • Technical services
  • Planning and Construction
  • Laboratory services
  • Administration and commercial services
  • Personnel management
  • Customs services
  • Post services

Your Benefits

Modern infrastructure

The Czech Industrial Park (“CIP”) offers its customers a complete service package for a modern industrial location starting from a secure energy supply and running through to the 

professional disposal of production waste and sewage water. With its well-developed IT and communications network and endowed with excellent 

transport links, a direct connection to the national rail network, flexible logistics capacities and efficient back office services, the CIP offers top-level infrastructure.

Demand-oriented services

From occupational safety to real estate management – at the CIP you will find an appropriate mix of service options, tailored to your requirements, available on fair terms and provided professionally and proficiently.


Small and medium-sized operations in particular benefit from flexible property rental and leasing schemes, from the scale effects of combined purchase volumes and well-organized logistics. CIP offers optimal start-up conditions with noticeably lower capital investment and spending in fixed costs.

Focus on your core business

You can focus on your core business and concentrate all available resources on your growth. The CIP will handle the rest. We will guide you in all aspects of relocating or starting up your business here and will initiate contacts with local authorities, advise you with regard to contracts and insurance, help you select the appropriate service package or steer you quickly and simply through the permit and approval procedure.

Rapid integration

CIP is offering you an infrastructure that works from day one. Valid processes, well attuned logistics and a team of helping hands will make life easy and helps you to avoid many pitfalls during your start-up.

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Your Contact Persons

Czech Industrial Park: Your direct contact

We are always here for you: For all further questions, visit and tour preferences or additional information on the Czech Industrial Park (“CIP”). It is our objective to process your concerns personally quickly and efficiently.

Your personal contacts at CIP are:


General Manager
Dr. Bernd Morawitz
Tel.: +420 381 621 100
E-mail: morawitz@silon.eu
Customer Services
Ing. Radek Šnejda
Tel.: +420 381 621 125
E-mail: snejda@silon.eu


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