SILON’s center is distinguished by its comprehensive approach in relation to development of the process of mixing and composing individual recipes. It monitors and combines the customer’s manufacturing processes, technical specifications, affordability and the newest types of raw materials and their potential.

We believe in innovation

Development takes place in close cooperation with the customer. Our experts’extensive knowledge and understanding of the client’s needs, in combination with market requirements, is a basis for successful long-term partnerships.

We offer high-quality products and effective services.

The SILON center also has the following available:

  • Compound lines for testing and developing materials
  • A cable plastic coating line - preliminary testing of new materials for cable application
  • De Lama autoclave / sterilizationequipment - for cross-linking PEX-b materials
  • Rotational rheometer - for determining the rheological properties of materials



Product Manager

Dieter Scholz
Tel.: +49 (0) 211 300 477-25
E-mail: d.scholz@silon.eu