Today’ s business of SILON is based on more than six decades of history, starting with the production of polyamide filament yarn. This first product, called SILON, was used for ladies nylon-stockings and has also gave the company its name.

SILON started its activities in the 1950s and has constantly geared its business model towards innovation and clients. Nowadays, SILON serves its clients in Europe, Asia, Africa, North America and Australia.


Year Event
1950 Company founded as a polyamide filament yarn producer
1966 Starting of virgin PET – staple fiber production
1971 Extension of PET activities to non-woven production
1980 First investment into injection molding plant
1984 Extension of product portfolio to PP – compounds
1994 Start-up of reactive extrusion technology
2001 Concentration on compounding and PET fiber businesses. Other activities were sold in the following years
2001 Introduction of short-spinning technology – milestone in production of rPET – fibers
2004 Ending of polycondensation and concentration on postconsumer PET – flakes as raw material for fibers
2006 Transformation of SILON a.s. into SILON s.r.o., connected with delisting from the stock exchange
2008 Second "Kompakt" short -spinning line
2016 Third "Kompakt" short-spinning line
2017 Foundation of new subsidiary SILON LLC in Peachtree City (Georgia, US)
From now on Ongoing improvement and R&D of our product in both current and new applications