A gift for Kaňka

Feb 13, 2017

A gift for Kaňka Representatives of the SILON Company handed over a cheque with a monetary donation at the beginning of a charity theatre performance held by the Kaňka Centre, which also came to support many of our employees.

There were tens of reasons why the performance should not take place. Lack of space, inappropriate technical facilities, difficult access for electric wheel-chairs....but because “only he who surrenders, truly loses”...we saw a unique performance, which involved actors and musicians with various handicaps who played live music and performed in smaller and larger roles. Four electric wheelchairs belonging to members of The Tap Tap band were used as motors to move puppets and scenery. They demonstrated that everyone can collaborate very successfully in a good team.  http://www.silon.eu/silon-company/social-responsibility/


The performance, called Nefňuka, is the truly inspiring tale of a heavily disabled boy who overcomes many obstacles, because he is clever, courageous and sings beautifully. The method by which the scenery and puppets are made to move is also unique worldwide. The play is based on the book  Jésus Betzby Fred Bernard and Francoise Roca.