Charity Concert

Oct 8, 2015

Charity Concert The Kaňka Centre organised the traditional charity “Concert, which opens doors” on the square in Tábor once more this year.

As long-term partners of this organisation, we also attended this wonderful event. The pleasant mood was evident from the first bars played by the Le’Grace band and it continued to improve with performances by other bands. The sun warmed our faces and we enthusiastically danced to the rhythm of well-known songs performed by the Music Stars band, members of which are students of the local music school. This band can easily be compared to quite a few professional bands. The whole programme was wittily presented by the host, who also works at the Kaňka Centre. He acquainted us with the accompanying programme, mainly intended for the children in the audience, during the breaks.

We also personally tried riding a wheelchair downhill, and were hard put to stop it. And we had no idea how much more difficult skiing on a mono-ski is, we only managed to keep our balance with the help of an assistant. The first song by the popular Fast Food Orchestra, raised all our heart rates and gave us plenty of energy. And a passage from the Jesus Christ Superstar rock concert, performed by Superstar Band Tábor, was the cherry on the cake this evening.

The unrepeatable atmosphere of the crowded Žižkov Square did not disappoint and the fact that nearly CZK 50 thousand was collected in the donation boxes also contributed to the success of this event.