KIWANIS dolls in Tabor

Apr 28, 2016

KIWANIS dolls in Tabor SILON will donate 1 300kg staple

This year SILON will donate more staple to the Kiwanis Club in the Czech Republic than it has in previous years. It will donate a total of 1,300 kg for making Kiwanis dolls, which will be distributed to clubs all over the country.

We took part in a workshop for creating Kiwanis dolls in early April. Representatives of the Kiwanis Club (Young Professionals Tábor) started cooperation with G-centre and brought for the first time bundle of SILON staple to the House with Care Services day care centre in Čekanice.

At the earliest it was necessary to loosen and fluff up the staple (hand carding) so that it achieved the required volume and softness. We then stuffed the staple into the prepared sewn fabric dolls. We made 10 dolls together over a period of 1.5 hours. The clients of the day care centre will now make the dolls themselves and when they have made approximately 50 items, these dolls will be taken to the children’s ward at the hospital in Tábor. We’ll tell you more about that next time.