SILON helps

May 5, 2014

SILON helps During the charity theatre performance, the Silon Company presented a donation in the form of cheque to the Kanka Organisation to be used to purchase an automatic door enabling barrier-free access to the centre.

The SILON Company became a partner to the KANKA o.p.s. charitable organisation in 2013 and strives to help ease the complicated lives of handicapped children through this partnership.

The Kaňka Centre organised the theatre performance within the terms of its “Project to open doors”. This project was launched last year and focuses on removing barriers from within the Kaňka Centre complex. The goal of this project is to replace three entrance doors into the complex with automatic doors, which will be a great improvement for disabled children who have difficulties moving around the centre. The SILON Company is fully aware of the importance and meaning of the centre’s work and values the professionalism, selfless care and love, which disabled children receive at Kaňka.

The performance took place at the Oskar Nedbal Theatre in Tábor, where the Kašpar Theatre Ensemble from Prague performed the classic play “Othello” by William Shakespear. The powerful experience from a performance full of passion and love was enhanced by the fact that all those in the audience contributed to a worthy issue.