SILON Philanthropic partner

Jul 21, 2015

SILON Philanthropic partner We attended a Garden Part in the Kaňka Centre

In June we attended a Garden Part held by the Kaňka Centre on the occasion of the 13th anniversary of its establishment. The weather was excellent on this occasion, which resulted in a great number of attendees. The center officially introduced a new project focused on the renovation and reconstruction of the Kanka building. Besides thermal isolation of the building, the project includes also rebuilding and opening of new therapeutic workrooms.

The SILON Company was awarded a “Philanthropic partner for 2015“ certificate, as an expression of thanks by Kaňka representatives to their partners and sponsors. This year again SILON will support the centre by donating the sum of CZK 100,000, this time for conversion of the therapeutic workshops. The event also included many interesting creative stations and a programme for children and adults.

Kaňka o.p.s. provides community services in the field of care and education of handicapped, pre-school and school age children. Also social services for handicapped children, young people and adults from Tábor and the surrounding area.