Support for handicapped children - KAŇKA o.p.s.

Nov 4, 2013

Support for handicapped children - KAŇKA o.p.s. SILON has decided to focus on supporting handicapped children and young people within the civil society organization named KAŇKA o.p.s. SILON's goal is to support handicapped children in the long run, focusing on continuously improving their difficult living conditions.

This year, we decided to provide the organization with a donation to purchase a MOTOmed, which is a medical aid - a movement trainer. This equipment is designed for wheelchair-bound disabled people and helps them reduce damage to their legs caused by lack of physical movement due to their disability.

By mobilizing the residual muscle strength, you can maintain their mobility capacity, thus reducing muscle spasms caused by lack of movement, thus supporting walking abilities as well as the feeling of independence.


KAŇKA is public service company - a non-government non-profit organization.The organization assists families which care for a disabled person. It provides all-day care and comprehensive services to disabled people, from the youngest children - preschoolers - to youngsters and adults. www.kanka.info/o-nas/