SILON places great emphasis on assurance of the high quality of our products. In compliance with the requirements of the international ISO 9001 standard, SILON maintains and effectively improves its documented quality management system.

We achieve quality through the concrete steps

Compliance with the requirements of the automotive industry is attained through application of a quality management system complying with ISO/TS 16 949 standards.  Link to certification

The demands on suppliers

To assure quality standards all suppliers must fulfil our certification requirements and maintain the high quality of the quality management system.

Laboratory testing quality

Our laboratories are equipped with the most modern machinery and observe the quality of input raw materials, intermediate products and final products 24 hours a day without interruption.The effectiveness of inspection activities is constantly improved so that it provides our customers with the certainty that our products are manufactured to the highest quality.

Quality Policy

The quality management system focuses on meeting the requirements of our customers and pursues the goals set in compliance with these requirements.The quality management system is designed so that opportunities for improvement and growth are identified on time and measures to increase process and product performance are implemented. We seek clever and simple solutions, complying with the requirements of the market and our customers’ requirements, for development purposes. Link to quality policy 


SILON, as a leading polymer processor, is committed to establishing a friendly and responsible approach to the environment. In 2000, the company introduced an Environmental Management System in compliance with ISO 14000 standards.

Company development activities are focused towards advanced and energy-saving technologies for recycled materials processing. Our product, TESIL® polyester fiber, complies with the requirements of Öko-Tex Certificate standards and is designed for hygienic applications and products for young children.

We are ready to share our experience with our customers and provide them with innovative and environmentally-friendly solutions, making every effort to minimize the impact of our business activities on the environment.

This is reflected in our company environmental policy.