SILON places great emphasis on assurance of the high quality of our products. In compliance with the requirements of the international IATF 16 949 standard, SILON maintains and effectively improves its documented quality management system.

We achieve quality through the concrete steps

The demands on suppliers

To assure quality standards all suppliers must fulfil our certification requirements and maintain the high quality of the quality management system.


SILON Company Policy

We, as a globally operating manufacturer of engineered compounds and fibres, strive to be the supplier of choice in all strategic market segments we serve.

We care about our employees’ safety and we are striving to create a safe and healthy work environment. We are personally committed to ensuring the protection of the environment according to the principles of sustainable development. Our priority is to minimize the consumption of natural resources and to prevent pollution of the environment.

We aim for total customer satisfaction and understanding of customer requirements. We are systematically increasing the effectiveness of our quality management system and its processes in order to implement and meet these requirements.

We are continually improving product quality, the quality of our processes and technology, as well as reducing the cost. In all processes, we analyze the risks to avoid future problems, and opportunities for their best use.

We intend to increase the professional qualifications of our employees and their awareness of customer expectations and the importance of their fulfillment, including the understanding of special requirements concerning hygiene customers.

We follow the legislation, quality and environmental system requirements without any compromises. We will implement the requirements into our quality management system and guarantee its continuous improvement.  

The management of the company guarantees to provide sufficient leadership, as well as financial, material and personnel resources for the implementation of this Policy across all parts of the organization.

Mgr. Shukhrat Saidov, CEO
Dr. Bernd Morawitz, CFO        

SILON Company Policy to download


Laboratory testing quality

Our laboratories are equipped with the most modern machinery and observe the quality of input raw materials, intermediate products and final products 24 hours a day without interruption.The effectiveness of inspection activities is constantly improved so that it provides our customers with the certainty that our products are manufactured to the highest quality.



SILON, as a leading polymer processor, is committed to establishing a friendly and responsible approach to the environment. In 2000, the company introduced an Environmental Management System in compliance with ISO 14000 standards.

The integrated system of Silon s.r.o. has been created in accordance with the requirements of ISO 14001:2015 and it includes all company activities, services and products.

Company development activities are focused towards advanced and energy-saving technologies for recycled materials processing. Our product, TESIL® polyester fiber, complies with the requirements of Öko-Tex Certificate standards and is designed for hygienic applications and products for young children.

We are ready to share our experience with our customers and provide them with innovative and environmentally-friendly solutions, making every effort to minimize the impact of our business activities on the environment.


Compliance with the requirements of the automotive industry is attained through application of a quality management system complying with IATF 16 949 standards. Link to certification