SILON is a producer of polyester staple and cables and of filled and modified compounds. Its future development focuses on waste-processing technologies to produce products with very good end -use properties.

The company management acknowledges the need for a friendly and responsible approach to the environment. Therefore it decided to integrate environmental protection into the company management system using the ČSN EN ISO standard 14000 series and adopted an environmental policy represented by the following commitments:

  1. To fulfill obligations resulting from legal and other requirements relating to environmental protection.
  2. To communicate with the general public, state administration bodies, NGO and educational establishments involved in environmental protection.
  3. To improve its system of environmental protection to keep it abreast of the progress in technical development, scientific knowledge, needs of its customers and expectations of the public.
  4. To increase awareness of shared responsibility among employees through their training and open information policy.
  5. To assess investment plans from the viewpoint of environmental impact.
  6. To contribute to environmental protection by developing technologies based on waste recycling.