SILON is a producer of polyester staple and cables and of filled and modified compounds. The company management has outlined the following quality policy and committed itself to creating financial, material and personnel resources for its implementation:

  1. To methodically and systematically increase efficiency of the quality management system and its processes and to improve the quality of products and delivery terms and thus to fully meet customer expectations.
  2. To meet customer requirements in the supplier chain for the automotive industry in agreement with the current model standards in the automotive industry and to create preconditions for defect-free work.
  3. To develop innovative programs for all commodities meeting market needs and customer requirements.
  4. To improve technical services used for implementation of our orders.
  5. To improve the professional qualifications of SILON employees and their awareness of customer requirements and the importance of their fulfilment.
  6. To monitor developments in legislation and quality management systems and to implement them within the quality management system for its improvement.

The company management hereby commits all departments of SILON to observe this quality policy.