SILON directs its activities towards long-term goals, it endeavours to adhere to all the principles of sustainable development of the company, places emphasis on transparency in decision-making,adherence to ethical standards and environmental protection. The company is also chiefly interested in improving conditions for life and relations in the surrounding area and region.

Social responsibility is a part of the SILON Company’s corporate culture

SILON is inherently linked to the towns of Planá nad Lužnicí and Sezimovo Ústí and the nearby area and is a major economic subject within the region. Over 500 people are employed in SILON facilities and another 1,000 people work in twenty companies conducting their business activities within our complex. We also contribute funds in support of our region. Our current priority is social responsibility, being close at hand and helping, where long-term help, reliability and partnership are important.

Social sphere

We are a partner of the KAŇKA organisation for children and young people with mental and combined disabilities

The SILON Company has supported the organisation and handicapped children in the long-term and persistently strives to permanently improve their difficult situation, for example by purchasing rehabilitation equipment, barrier-free doors with a motion sensor, providing support during modernisation of new therapeutic workshops……

The Kaňka Centre is a non-governmental not-for-profit organisation providing daylong care for children with disabilities from birth. The Kaňka Centre is the only facility in the surrounding area providing social services, education and a comprehensive therapeutic programme under one roof. It provides education to handicapped children in its nursery school, elementary school and special elementary school, as well as social services from early care and a day centre, to personal assistance. It also offers seven possible therapeutic programmes, hobby classes and curative stays for children during their free time. All this in a family environment, with highly qualified staff, modern equipment, a personal approach and willingness to help. It also strives to integrate disabled children with healthy children within the terms of joint activities.                                           http://www.kanka.info/centrum-kanka/

Kiwanis Doll

The SILON Company joined the “Kiwanis Doll” project before 2005 and is a long-term partner of the Kiwanis Klub Ostrava Civic Association and Distrikt Kiwanis International CZ and SR. It contributes approx. 1 ton of polyester staple for stuffing the fabric dolls to the club every year.

Kiwanis is a not-for-profit organisation focusing on actively helping children. The priority of the “Kiwanis Doll” project is to help lonely and ill children in children’s wards at hospitals. The young patient receives a white fabric doll on arriving in hospital, which he is able to colour and name. This doll accompanies the child as a friend and helps him throughout his hospital stay. It is also an important tool during communication between doctors and the child. The doctor is able to explain and demonstrate what examinations will be necessary to the young patient using the doll. This helps the child tolerate the treatment he needs because he knows what to expect and how it will take place. http://www.kiwanis.cz/index.php?jazyk=eng&file=uvod